Scary Stories

The Taste Test

As told by an aspiring 4th grade author…

Once there was a girl named Juliet.

Juliet was 19 years old and she came from a very rich family. It was all because of her job, and her job was taste testing. She loved her job. She got to taste all kinds of foods – turkey, cake, sweets and all. You name it, she’s had it before.

Expect one.

The only thing that she never had – “gingco berries”. She didn’t know what it was. This particular batch of gingco berry contained a very poisonous venom and was cursed by the demon of darkness. The demon thought if Juliet ate that gingco berry she wouldn’t have to worry about her life because she would be dead.

So, the demon added a little thorn in the gingco berry. She was so exited because maybe if everybody was paying attention to Juliet the demon might have a chance to eat everybody. The demons’ cohort, a mad scientist, made a laser in space and she could destroy the Earth whenever she wants.

But, a girl named Rosa was the demon. When the taste was about to begin (which was outside), Rosa was hiding in a tree and dropped a note on Juliet’s head the note said “I’m coming back” – Rosa.

Juliet was scared.

“Who is this Rosa girl?” she kept asking herself.

“Was she just a little girl trying to prank her?” “Was she even a she?”

All those questions were trying to be answered in her head but she had no time to think so, she just went into the test tasting. The last thing on the table was the ginco berry batch. Juliet was the first one to try it. She bit into it and just like that, her eyes closed, and she fell out of her chair. Everyone saw the commotion and ran towards Juliet. Rosa saw that her plan had worked so she jumped down from the tree and everyone was so scared they just froze.

Rosa ate everyone in a fluid motion. All you saw there were lots of bones and rotting flesh….

So, do you remember Rosa from “The Heart Broken”?

I will finally tell you how she became a demon,

Her parents didn’t like her so she asked if her friend, Jackson, which was a scientist to change her blood so everyone would be very scared of her so he changed her blood into demons’ blood. That was how she became a demon.

Scary Stories

The Darkest Mausoleum

Rene sauntered into the cemetery just before 5 o’clock on a Thursday night. He had meant to stop by sooner to pay his respects to his grandparents but life had kept him too busy. He remembered that the family mausoleum was on the far side of the cemetery so he wandered the isles of headstones stopping to admire and say hello to a few that had been friends of the family. Rene reached the tomb as it was starting to get dark. The door was heavy and creaked out an audible groan when pushed open.

The pitch-black darkness wasn’t inviting but he had brought some flowers and his grandfather’s favorite coin. Rene’s grandfather was a coin collector and had given this to him when he had graduated from high school. He felt obligated to give it back and leave it with it really belonged. It was the gesture that counted in this situation.

He felt guilty for not visiting or even making it to the funeral. His grandmother had passed away 4 years ago with his grandfather following her just a few shorts months later. Rene wondered if there was any light inside or if he had to walk back to the car for a flashlight when he heard a voice behind him. He turned to see the groundskeeper picking up trash as he walked through the cemetery. The groundskeeper told him to use his flashlight that was sitting on the other side of a bench near the entrance of the crypt. Rene thanked the man and grabbed the flashlight.

He switched it on as he entered the tomb.

Once inside Rene found it to be cold and musty with cobwebs weaving around the room. He found their final resting places beside one another and read their name plates. His grandfather had a quote from Carl Sandburg saying “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” It was fitting for his grandfather’s marker.

His grandmother had an angel with wings spread wide and arms awaiting. Rene thought about all her trinkets she collected of angels. He wondered what had happened to all of them at that moment, saddening his mood. He placed the flowers in the container between their markers and removed the coin from his pocket. He flipped it over in his hands and gave a smile before placing it beneath his grandfather’s marker.

As he looked at the other markers he heard the door to the crypt groan again. Thinking it was the groundskeeper looking to get his flashlight returned to him, he decided it was time to go. Turning toward the entrance Rene heard something clang against the stone floor. He paused and scanned the space with the flashlight but saw nothing out of place. Shrugging off the noise he started for the door again. Before he reached the ramp he heard the clang again. This time Rene quickly swung around shining the light everywhere and anywhere. Still he saw nothing. He walked back to the other side where resting places for his ancestors he didn’t know where also entombed.

The doorway was short and narrow, and it was obvious that this was the original crypt the new one was built around. He ducked into the room where he found a dirt floor and a sick smell wavering in the air. The flashlight shone on ancestral coffins recessed into the stonewall. Rene felt uncomfortable instantly. The flashlight began to flicker. He shook it and tapped it against his hand a few times. He decided he had seen enough and spun around to stoop back through the doorway. Something, a strong force, gripped Rene’s shoulder painfully tight and yanked him backwards. As he landed on the ground, the flashlight bounced out of his hand rolling against the stone wall and flickered out. Frozen with fear, Rene felt hands grip him again – only this time it was his ankle. He felt it lurching him forward, pulling him into the darkness. Rene tried to scream but nothing came out of his mouth. He clawed at the dirt floor trying to stop from being pulled away. Rene disappeared into the darkness of his ancestral mausoleum kicking and screaming.

Never to be seen again.

After a week, the groundskeeper had Rene’s car towed. He went back to the mausoleum where he had lent a man his flashlight. The groundskeeper found the door shut and searched the crypt only to find his trusty flashlight and nothing else.

He could not explain the footprints and the irregular marks on the dirt ground, as if a struggle had taken place.

In the far corner laid Rene’s grandfather’s coin.

Scary Stories

Followed By Death

Dan was going through his usual daily routine one mundane Saturday morning – or so he thought. He didn’t really pay attention to his surroundings and didn’t notice the shadowy figure following him. When Dan entered the video game store at dusk, he glanced up at the CCTV and noticed someone stop just outside the door. He didn’t really think much of it until he left. The newest game was just released, and that’s all Dan thought about this today.

He looked around after exiting the store and saw someone standing just around the corner. His first thought was that it was his friend trying to prank him or something – he had terrible, immature friends. As he walked toward the corner of the building the person disappeared. Dan ran to catch up but once he rounded the corner no one was there. He shrugged his shoulders and turned to run his next errand.

Dan kept thinking about the video game store incident. Thinking if it was his friend he would have said or done something by now. No text yet. As Dan tapped his iPhone to call his best friend Steve, he noticed a shadowy figure duck into a store opening. He thought that was odd but didn’t bother to check it out. Who would bother to follow him? He wasn’t doing anything bad or special to entice anyone to watch him. He was just a regular guy, doing regular-guy things, he thought.

He decided to try to catch who it was following him. As he walked into an alley he hid behind a dumpster to try and outwit his pursuer. He felt like he’d been waiting an eternity but no one passed by him. When he came out from his hiding place he didn’t see anyone in the alley. He shrugged again and walked back out to the street. He still didn’t see anything or anyone out of place. Dan walked to the pizzeria and turned to glance back over his shoulder when he saw the shadow figure again. His heart leaped to his throat as he entered. His face, white as a ghost and a look of shock, startled the girl behind the counter. She asked if he was okay as she came out from behind the counter. He told her about the video game store and alley incidents which sounded crazy as he verbalized it to this stranger. She called the police, who searched the surrounding area for someone lurking around to no avail. The police chalked it up to Dan being high, drunk, or maybe even just crazy. After the police left Dan apologized to everyone for acting like a fool and left to go home. He can relax playing the video game he so looked forward to since last year.

As Dan walked the 4 blocks back to his apartment he noticed someone following him again. He started to walk faster and the shadow kept up, almost gaining on him. Then Dan decided to jog at first but the shadow kept pace. Dan finally broke into a full run thinking he was almost home and safe. The shadow didn’t miss a beat and stayed on his tail but seemed to be getting closer. Dan fumbled for his keys as he ran for his life. Upon reaching the door to his apartment building he dropped his keys and felt an ice cold hand grasp his shoulder. Dan dropped dead of fright before he could turn to see his “neighbor”, eyes blood red and glowing, grasping his shoulder.

Death had followed Dan and took his life when the timing was just right.

Scary Stories

Deadly Dreams

Sherman awoke soaked in sweat, breathing heavily, and feeling extremely terrified. The dream felt strikingly authentic. After concentrating and darting his eyes around the room to acclimate himself, he slowed his heart rate, took a few deep breaths and sat up. He turned on the lamp beside his bed as he lowered his feet to the floor. It had been a short while since the last time he had this recurring dream but this time it felt all too real. All too real. Sherman wiped the sweat off his face as he entered the bathroom. He felt the cold tile beneath his feet which made him feel slightly better, a small relief that he was awake.

He washed his face with cool water thinking about how he would go back to sleep now. Sherman understood the fact that he needed sleep to be healthy and functional for work in the morning, but what if sleeping killed him?

He lumbered back to bed but left the light on, feeling juvenile about his decision. Sherman closed his eyes thinking of anything but the dream. He dozed off after a few moments and began to dream… again.

Sherman found himself inside of his childhood home – the basement to be exact. He took in the surroundings as he headed for the stairs. Everything was as he remembered except the door that appeared on the other side of the basement. Curious he walked toward the door. Approaching the door Sherman could hear something on the other side. He leaned in closer to better hear when someone or something slammed hard against it. Sherman jumped back startled as he saw the door crash with another powerful blow. Not knowing what was on the other side, an unfamiliar feeling, he immediately turned to run for the stairs.

The crashing of the door behind him made him panic even more. He felt heavy and slow no matter how fast he tried to run. No matter how hard he pushed his muscles to help him escape, something was dragging, slowing him down. The door smashed open as Sherman reached the bottom of the stairs. He glanced at the opening when he heard the sounds of agonizing groaning and moaning. All he could see before trying to climb the stairs were pale and bone-y hands and arms reaching out towards him.

Clawing his way to the top of the staircase he frantically fumbled to open the door. Scrambling to get out and shut the door behind him Sherman saw they had made it to the stairs, very close behind. He collided with the door as he closed it. Thinking fast, Sherman grabbed a nearby chair to block the door as it began to bang and crack. Terror filled him as he heard the grotesque noises that were coming from behind the door.

Sherman turned to run only to see he was in the basement again. Confusion washed over him for a brief moment. He should be in the hallway if this was his childhood home, he immediately thought to himself. The noise got louder as the door started to give way. Pieces of the wood flew out with every strike. Sherman started for the stairs again when the door blew out along with the chair. He was out of breath when he hit the bottom of the staircase. When he peeked to see the door something grabbed his ankle. Sherman looked down to see a pale claw grasping him.

Trying to free himself, Sherman fell down the stairs. Clawing his way to get up he felt more hands grabbing at him. He squirmed and tried to fight them off to no avail. There were too many of them and the noise was deafening as it over took him. Sherman was enveloped with a black mass that felt like it was smothering him. He fought for every breath as he tried to scratch and claw his way to freedom. The black mass entrenched Sherman swallowing him whole.

The next day Sherman was discovered by his housekeeper, dead in his bed. Sherman eyes were wide open and the expression on his face was pure terror. His skin was taunt and pale. It appeared Sherman had died in his sleep of a heart attack.

What the coroners couldn’t explain were the hand imprints and scratches on his ankles…

Scary Stories

The Woman on the Pier

The drive to the lake house was long, but always worth it. The fresh country air, the beautiful scenery, and long, winding roads provided a much needed revitalization for Alexandra. She had planned this trip to the lake house months in advance, even packing for the trip 2 weeks ahead of time.

When she arrived at her destination it was just getting dark so she decided to explore the area the next morning. The house sat next the lake with a long pier jutting out from a small beach. Alexandra found the key to the house and entered into the foyer. The house smelled as if it hadn’t been used in years although it appeared clean, tidy and well-kept. She walked into the kitchen and found it’s decor older but still in good condition. She opened the door to the bedroom and found it to be cozy with a fireplace stocked and ready for use. Happy with her accommodation she unpacked and readied herself for an early evening.

Upon awakening, Alexandra found the house awash with the early sunlight. She dressed and ate before heading outside to take in the fresh, crisp morning. She stepped out onto the deck and took a deep breath in as she closed her eyes. She stretched for a moment as she surveyed the landscape. She saw someone standing out on the pier and decided to introduce herself. She turned to grab her bag before heading down to the beach but when she looked out at the pier again no one was there. She shrugged and thought maybe she was seeing things or the light bouncing off the water was playing tricks on her eyes. Either way, no one was on the pier and Alexandra went walking down the beach. She saw a few houses scattered around the lake although it appeared she was the only person out and about this morning. She’s an extremely early riser.

She found a path into a small patch of woods and wondered where it went. She walked until she came to an open area. It seemed to be a camping site but it was missing the tents and campers. The fire pit was a large area marked by large rocks. She was getting tired and hungry and decided to start back when she thought she saw someone standing just beyond the trees. She called out a neighborly hello but it looked like the person ducked back into the brush. She was about to walk after them but thought that maybe they were a neighbor who wasn’t used to seeing strangers around here considering the houses surrounding the lake were owned by locals. The area wasn’t known for tourists but it seemed times were changing.

Alexandra turned and walked back to the house.

She rested and ate before she took a ride into town. She drove about 8 miles to the general store where she purchased a few items and filled up her tank with gasoline. She asked the old man at the general store if there were any points of interest that she should visit in the area only to be told that it was just a lot of wooded areas, nothing special. He asked Alexandra where she was going and when she told him where she was staying he told her to just go home. She asked what he meant by that and he seemed to shift uneasily a bit before answering the question. He told her that people get lost in the woods or hurt themselves out on the lake. Even though Alexandra explained that she was just here to relax and not disturb anyone the old man was adamant about her just going home.

Alexandra got into her car and drove back to the lakehouse.

She took her groceries into the kitchen. As she was putting things away she looked out and saw someone again out on the pier. She decided to hurry out this time and catch them. She tried not to take her eyes off of the figure as she moved towards the door. Once outside she noticed it was darker than she thought but continued her stride all the while keeping her eyes on the figure. As she descended the beach her foot caught some driftwood partially buried in the sand. She tripped and landed face first into the water. She quickly scrambled to her feet trying to see down the pier. To her disappointment she didn’t see anyone.

Feeling a little uneasy she started to walk out to the end of the pier. Every step she took felt heavier than the last. Her stomach churned and twisted as she started to feel cold. Finally arriving at the end of the pier she looked down into the water. She didn’t see anything, or anyone. When she saw her reflection on the water she choked with fear. Next to her was a woman standing soaking wet from head to toe. Her skin was white with a blue tint, her clothes were tattered and dirty. Her hair was tangled around her face but Alexandra could see her lips were blue. The woman reached out to Alexandra who jerked away only to slip off the pier. She fell into the water and started to panic. Alexandra was clawing at the water as she screamed in terror when she felt a hand grab her ankle firmly, and started to pull her down. She kicked at it but it only tightened its grip.

Alexandra kicked and screamed for help as she was pulled under.

Alexandra’s body was found a few days later when a group of fisherman went out to the lake. The police ruled it an accident but the locals all knew it was the lake that took her life. They all knew about the figure on the pier and how it lured people to their deaths. The elder locals never passed on the knowledge of why this occurred just that no one should ever attempt to make contact with the woman on the pier.

Scary Stories

A Walk in the Fog

It would take two days to drive up to his parent’s home but he had a rational fear of flying and would rather drive than take a train. He had more control that way, he thought. Alfred didn’t mind driving the distance since it afforded him the opportunity to stop off at different restaurants, stores, road stands, and other attractions along the way. He wanted to find a nice gift for his parents since he hadn’t visited them in 5 years. Life had just put too much on his plate to take more trips home. He had some vacation time saved up and decided he finally needed to go home to see his parents.

Alfred left Wednesday evening after packing his car. He placed his cooler on the passenger seat with his cell phone and wallet. He locked up his house and headed out toward the highway. The first part of the journey was uneventful since most of it was highway driving. Rest areas were better than he expected and he slept in his car without incident – to save money, of course. As he turned off the highway onto one of the many rural routes he would have to take, he noticed a detour sign indicating he would need to reroute around a bridge that was undergoing repairs. The area had more than normal rainfall that year and the river had taken out the old bridge – essentially a blessing in disguise.

He continued down the road and came to a fork where he would normally turn right on but the road was blocked off and detour signs pointing the way urged him to turn left. He maneuvered left as the sun started to set. He had driven for about an hour before he came to a dirt road. The blacktop of paved road ended as unfinished, uneven gravel began. Night took over quickly. Alfred started to get tired and his GPS didn’t recognize where he was anymore so he tried to find a place to pull over for the night. There was literally nothing out here but woods, mountains, and wild animals. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw a house or business alongside the road, but continued driving until he found a widened area to park for the night. As he got comfortable he saw headlights coming from the opposite direction. He got out of his car to wave them down but the vehicle never slowed down, passing him by at a full clip! He got back into his car and figured there might be a small town ahead and drove down the road. He drove for about 5 more miles and didn’t see anything.

As Alfred rounded a turn he saw a small clearing that would be good, and presumably safe place, to park the car. So, he pulled off the road. He got out and inspected the now pitch black, barely-lit-by-the-moonlight area. Figuring it was better than being on the road, he stopped by the secluded area and decided to stay there the night. He stretched for a bit and got back into his car. He fell asleep for an hour or so.

Alfred was startled awake by a noise outside. He didn’t recognize the sound, but figured it was probably an animal. He checked the time and decided he was ready to continue his drive. He attempted to start his car, but the engine wouldn’t turn. With a sigh, he stepped out of the car, popped the hood and the trunk. He went to the back of truck and found his flashlight. He pulled the hood up and checked the battery which seemed fine and looked around, realizing he didn’t know anything about cars other than the usual. He closed the hood of the car and grabbed a small white towel from his suitcase.

Alfred left his car locked with the towel hanging from the window so anyone who came upon it would know he had some car trouble and hopefully not tow it away. There was no cell service out here and he was worried he would have to walk for miles to find help. He came to a driveway off to the left side of the dirt road and started walking down the path. It was a long driveway and he didn’t see any property lights on, but continued walking. He was a bit winded when he finally came to a clearing. The driveway lead to a parking area – it seemed. There was nothing here except the gravel and unpaved roadway. After taking a short break, Alfred began to walk back to the dirt road. It seemed different walking back. It appeared to be darker and colder than when he had first arrived. There were no sounds either which was strange. He walked for what seemed like forever and came out to a field, confused and somewhat disoriented. He didn’t remember passing a field of any kind on the way down the driveway nor did he find the dirt road. He looked around to see if maybe made a wrong turn but there was no other path, besides the one he came down from. Alfred decided to turn back the way he had walked. He returned to the parking area and was perplexed by his loss of direction. He sat for a bit and thought about the events that lead him to the place. He retraced his movements in his head as something stalked him from the darkness of the woods. Before he realized what was happening a fog had rolled in which made it almost impossible to see anything. Alfred decided to backtrack and see if he could find his way back to the car.

He started to walk when he heard something move nearby. He tried to see through the fog as he prayed the car was nearby. He couldn’t see any movement in the fog and chalked it up to animals. He began to feel sick when the driveway brought him to a cliff high above a river. Alfred knew he wasn’t where he should be and he kept coming out to a different area every time. He didn’t know what to do next. He tried to stay calm as thoughts of being lost in this place gathered in his mind. He felt the cold night air and wrapped his jacket around himself thinking about how best to handle the situation. He turned back and walked as the fog thickened around him.

The next day a State Police officer found Alfred’s car. He called it in and decided that the man might be lost in the area. Many people who ventured out into this area at night usually got lost and where either found dead or just disappeared completely. A search party was formed to find Alfred but after 3 weeks they declared him missing and possibly dead.

Alfred’s parents never saw their son again.

Scary Stories

Dead of Fright

It wasn’t easy living in New York City but Mariela had adjusted to the fast paced city life in no time. The opportunity of a lifetime had presented itself to her 2 years ago on her 33rd birthday. Mariela had found a great apartment with a wonderful view and work was just a few blocks away. She made friends fast but hadn’t met the right guy yet. She was felt like she was in the right place for once in her life.

Upon coming home from work late one evening Mariela stopped to get her mail when she heard a man ask if she could give him a little help. She turned and saw a handsome man standing at the bottom of the staircase with a large box. He said that he couldn’t possibly make it to the 3rd floor without a little help so Mariela grabbed the other side of the box and helped him up to the 3rd floor. She wondered how a man this good looking didn’t have anyone to help him. When they reached the 3rd floor he asked if she’d like a drink for helping him but declined. As he disappeared down the hallway Mariela proceeded up to the 5th floor to her apartment. After getting comfy on the couch, there was a knock at her door. Thinking and hoping it was the guy with the box she had helped earlier she peered through the peephole. She didn’t see anyone so she left the chain lock attached when she opened the door but there was no one in the hall. Shrugging it off she returned to her position on the couch when there was another knock at the door. She hurried to the door and peeked out again but no one was there. Now she thought someone was playing games with her. She waited by the door for over an hour but there were no more knocks. Mariela went to bed and at exactly 2:15 a.m. there was a knock at her door but this time it was her bedroom door. Mariela frozen in fear could hardly breathe when she heard the knock a 2nd time. This time it was louder and heavier but she still didn’t move. She didn’t know if someone had gotten into her apartment or if she was going mad. She tried hard to think of something she could grab to use as a weapon and moved slowly and quietly to her closet. She had her bat from when she played softball in there and opened the door as quickly as possible. She felt around in the dark when another knock came from behind her. She jumped and screamed out. It seemed like the knocking was coming from inside the room this time. Her hand bumped into the bat and with another swipe she grasped it. She swung around, with bat in hand, and flipped on the lamp. There was no one in her room so she called out that she had called the police and that she was armed. There was no answer. Mariela stood shaking with white knuckles gripping the bat for what felt like forever. Her hesitated slip across the floor to the door made her body flush. She gathered herself and flung the door open but no one was there. After searching the rest of the apartment and making herself a cup of tea, she thought she maybe dreaming, having some sort of night terror. As she lumbered back to bed at 4:30 a.m. she finally fell asleep.

The next morning she was late to work and hadn’t had enough sleep due to all the knocking the night before. Mariela suffered through the day and decided to forego the after work bar scene. She stopped off at the corner store for a few things before heading home. Walking into her building she noticed the same handsome man she had seen yesterday carrying another large box. She waited till he got to the stairs to say hello. He turned to her and asked her if she could help him to the 3rd floor. She replied affirmatively and took up the other side of the box. Again when they got to the 3rd floor he asked if she wanted a drink for helping and this time she agreed.

They came to his apartment and he opened the door and with a nod of his head motioned her inside. Mariela stepped inside a dark room. She heard him set down the box and close the door but he didn’t turn on a light. She turned around trying to adjust her eyes to the dark when she saw a figure walking toward her. She tried to stay calm when she asked if he had any lights. Mariela didn’t get a response. Her eyes were still adjusting to the darkness but she could make out a lamp on a table close by her. She felt for the switch and gave it a tug. A bit blinded at first, Mariela turned around to see a room with just a wooden chair, the table with the lamp on it, and no one else. She felt very cold all of a sudden and the lamp dimmed slightly. As she moved toward the apartment door she saw a dark figure move out of the corner of her eye. Her heart was beating so fast and hard she felt light headed as she fumbled with the door knob. Trying to turn the knob with all her strength she felt icy fingers grip her shoulder. The lamp light went out and she was blind again. There was a cold breeze that rushed across her face and it smelled of death. She stood petrified with fear, she hadn’t noticed she had closed her eyes until another rush of frigid air cooled her hot tears that had been rolling down her face. Mariela opened her eyes to see that the handsome man that had brought her here looked more like a rotting corpse now. She screamed again as pain ran down her arms and across her chest. She collapsed onto the floor, dead of fright.

It took about 2 months before they found Mariela’s decomposing corpse. The super had wondered what happened to that nice lady who always smiled kindly at him and paid her rent in time. The apartment she was found in had belonged to a man who was murdered just a few years ago. He was moving some boxes up from storage when he was attacked, presumably to be robbed. It looked as though Mariela had a heart attack after locking herself inside the apartment. No one knows how she got into the apartment or how she locked herself inside with no keys but some believe she was a victim of the ghost that haunts the apartment 3J.

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Fort Collins Tours


Fort Collins Tours is a family owned and operated business based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our mission is to to provide expertly guided adventures within ColoradoÕs Front Range that are safe, fun, educational, and promote responsible uses of our natural resources. Our storefront location is in Old Town Square is near the fountain; between Cira Ltd and Thamel Import Gifts. Look for the Fort Collins Tours and Juszak Realty signs. Questions about Fort Collins Tours and this website can be sent using the contact form below. You can also call us at (970) 372-1445. Our office location and mailing address is 19 Old Town Square, Suite 238, Office 261, Fort Collins, CO 80524. We are members of the Fort Collins Conventions & Visitors Bureau and the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fort Collins Tours

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Highest Review

My boyfriend and I found the flier for the Haunted Pub Tour in a restaurant in Fort Collins. That night I set up a tour for the next day. When we arrived, we were the only people on the tour! I couldn’t guess why because we had SO much fun! (despite the hangover the next day) We will definitely do one of these again if we are in Fort Collins. Our guide was also FANTASTIC! He was very funny and kept in character until the very end.

Lowest Review

The walking tour was alright, but the man giving the tour attempted to be in “character” for a haunted tour, talking really, really Êslowly for effect which was very annoying.

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Caper Company Tours


Caper Company has been leading the Port Washington Ghost Walk since 2010. Over 600 people have enjoyed this bit of paranormal fun.

All of the ghost stories that we share were told to us by Port Washington residents – either their own personal experiences or stories they’ve heard from friends and family. Some of the stories are our own experiences. After so many years, we’ve seen some things that we can’t quite explain…

You won’t have anyone jumping out from behind a tombstone at you. Not that that’s not fun! It’s just not what this tour is about. This ghost walk is about the stories.

I hope you will join us.

Caper Company Tours

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Ghost Tours

Milwaukee Ghosts – Tours & Investigations


Our investigations depend on your tips. If you’ve had a ghostly experience in the Milwaukee or a suburb in the greater Milwaukee area, we’d like to hear from you. Through researching public records and newspaper archives, we can provide you with information about the history of your home or place of business. If you submit a story that we include in one of our tours, we will provide this historical investigation service free of charge. Please submit your story for more information.

Milwaukee Ghosts - Tours & Investigations

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Highest Review

I just love a good ghost hunt! Who doesn’t?? This tour is a walking tour of some of Milwaukee’s haunted places. You will get a lot of info on the history of Milwaukee and see some cool old buildings at the same time. The tour kicks off at 7PM sharp and takes just under 2 hours. The guide for the night was Mike. He was great.VERY entertaining and chock full of knowledge. You get two stops for potty breaks and a chance to get a beverage or whatever.Costs $10. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours and get a little education at the same time! If you are in the area-do it!